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Since its International Women's Day I thought I would list some of my all time favorite leading ladies. So here they are in no order.

Turanga Leela - Futuram

Peggy Hill - King of the Hill

Melissa - Home Movies

Lana Kane - Archer

Dr. Girlfriend/ Dr. Mrs The Monarch - The Venture Brothers

Francine Smith - American Dad

Bernadette Rostenkowski -  The Big Bang Theory

Detective Lydia Adams - Southland

Sarah Connors - The Terminator( bit not from the Tv series)

Ripley - Alien/Aliens

Honorably Mentions

Amy Wong; Zatanna; Black Carney; Malory Archer, Pam Poovey, Amy Farrah Fowler; Kitty Pryde; The Baroness; Wonder Woman; Andrea (from the comic Walking Dead and only the comic); Joan of Arc (Clone High); Starling; Big Barda.
  • Listening to: GoldFrapp
  • Reading: Dennis Lehane plus shit load of comics
  • Watching: Venture Bros/Archer/Justified
  • Eating: brains
  • Drinking: blood
So for school and self promo reason I have set up a blog and will be update alot more then my deviantart account so check me out at
  • Listening to: Chuck OST/Kos
  • Reading: American Gods
  • Watching: Chuck/Firefly
  • Playing: Zombies vs plants
  • Eating: brains
  • Drinking: blood
Happy 2009 everybody
Wow I am lazy. Can't believe I have not updated anything. While its a new year so maybe that will change (doubt it)
  • Listening to: the knife/lady gaga
  • Reading: World War Z
  • Watching: criminal minds
SHOOKIN' i submitted new work. Hopefully I can get it together so I can update more. I have two final projects that I will put open after i am done as well as some of my work from a comic that me and two friends are trying to get done for the summer. Then there is my "drawings" that i do when i should be taking notes about how to write a grant artist statement copyright laws and so on.
  • Listening to: the ramones
  • Watching: futurama
  • Eating: nothing havent had lunch yet
  • Drinking: coke
Cant believe I got sick right before midterm
so screwed!!!!!!!!!! so much hw and responsibilties STRESS
  • Listening to: kids with guns remix
  • Reading: walking dead
  • Watching: south park
  • Eating: pizza
  • Drinking: coke
Can't find my Ipod
Reading week is almost over I have sooo much HW

so sleepy
  • Listening to: kids with guns remix
  • Reading: walking dead
  • Watching: south park
  • Eating: pizza
  • Drinking: coke